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The majority of my furniture is built from a mixture of English hard and soft wood. I source the wood from small local sawmills in Dorset and Devon. Selecting the wood on this personal level ensures that each piece of furniture is unique and enables me to achieve the exact textures and shapes I require to create a distinct and unique piece of furniture. I use Danish oil as a finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood's grain and to create an attractive and durable finish. I enjoy working closely with customers and welcome suggestions in order to reach a final design that is right for you, your surroundings and your needs.



This 6 foot picnic table is made from douglas fir. The oil finish will protect it against the worst of weather conditions. Its sturdiness will withstand the wildest of parties, family picnics or BBQ's!

This bench with back shows the use of the wood's natural contours and grain.

This bench is made taking the form of the wood as a natural guide. It's rustic look blends easily with any surrounding, and it would make an inviting feature in any garden.

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